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McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance offers clients an extensive range of quality roof coating services.

We offer the best roof coating services for clients throughout Meath and the surrounding counties. Roof counting is an essential part of roof maintenance. When applied by professionals, a roof coating can extend the service life of your roof by years. Therefore, roof coating can save you thousands of euros by avoiding unnecessary replacements.


Using the latest equipment, McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance applies a protective coating, effectively sealing the roof against the elements. Roof coating resembles paint in many ways, except it is a much thicker liquid that seals the entire roof.

For the best in quality roof coating services, call the experts at McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance today.

Advantages of Roof Coatings

Makes your roof waterproof

Extends the service life of your roof 

Avoids the unnecessary expense of a roof replacement 

Increases overall roof strength

Freshen up the look of a roof

Allows homeowners to change the colour of their roof 

For additional information on roof coating, call our experts today.

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