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McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance offers Domestic Roof Cleaning services
for all kinds of properties

Keeping your roof clean is a must to ensure that your home remains weather-proof and protected against the elements. As a fully-insured and registered company, McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance provides professional roof cleaning for customers across Meath, Dublin, and the surrounding areas.
As well as standard roof power washing, we offer roof scraping, moss and lichen removal, and soft washing (chemical cleaning).
All roof cleaning services can be combined with fascia and soffit cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning where required.
As a highly trained and experienced team, we ensure professionalism, reliability, and top-quality in all of our roof cleaning and roof maintenance services.

For a free quote on any roof cleaning service, feel free to get in touch


We offer roof power washing services for all kinds of domestic flat and pitched roofs, removing dirt, moss, lichen, and algae to leave your roof looking great and functioning perfectly.


Roof soft washing is a less physical roof cleaning service than traditional power washing or roof scraping and involves the application of chemicals to remove dirt, bacteria, moss, mildew, and lichen.


Roof scraping is a manual form of roof cleaning which involves the physical scraping of moss, algae, and lichen from roofs to keep them working fantastically and looking great.

Roof Cleaning FAQ

I’m looking for a roof cleaner near me. Where are you based?

McQuillan Powerwashing & Garden Maintenance is a Meath roof cleaning service offering power washing, soft washing, and scraping to customers across all of Meath, Dublin, and the surrounds.

How much does roof cleaning cost?

The cost of roof cleaning varies depending on the type of roof cleaning service you require and where you’re based. Get in touch with the team today for a free quote on the specific service you require.

What’s the best time of year to get my roof cleaned?

Generally speaking, the best time of year to get a roof cleaned is at the end of summer or the start of autumn. That being said, a roof can be cleaned at any time of year when required (excessive moss or lichen growth, leaks etc).

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